How To Dye Nike Socks With Rit Dye | SOLE

What Will You Need? 

- White Nike Socks (any size) 

- Rit Dye (colour of your choice) 

- Dish Soap (any brand) 

- Disposable Gloves 

- Table Salt 


More of a visual learner? 

Check out our TikTok Tutorial 


If your old Nike socks are collecting dust in a drawer and need some new life, you came to the right place. This blog will walk you through a step-by-step process on how to dye your Nike socks to the colour of your choice. We used the following products to get different shades of tonal brown for our project. 

- RIT All Purpose Liquid Dye - Dark Brown 

- RIT DyeMore Liquid Dye for Synthetic Fibres - Chocolate Brown 



Warm up water in a kettle or pot below boiling. Warm water will help the dye adhere to the cotton fibres. Note, the water does not need to be boiling, and please be extremely careful in this step. 



Transfer water into a separate container. Use enough water to fully sub merge your socks into. Add about one tablespoon of salt and dish soap into the warm water and stir. 



Now we get to add our Rit dye! The rule of thumb is to add 1/2 a cup of dye for every pound of fabric. You can adjust quantities to get the desired colour. You can test out the colour of the mixture by dipping in a paper towel to see how deep of a colour you will get. From here, you can adjust the concentration to the colour of your choice. 


Stir your socks and ensure they are fully submerged into the dye. Let them sit for 20-30 mins in the solution to ensure you get an even finish. 


Remove your socks, and rinse underneath cold water until you see the water run clear. Next, place your socks into the washing machine for short cold water wash


Lastly, transfer to your dryer for a small load, and there you have it. You have officially brought some new life into your boring white socks! 


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