How To Restore Leather Shoes & Boots | SOLE


Remove original shoe laces of your leather dress shoes, boots, or shoes. This is in preparation of our deep clean process for this leather shoe restoration. 



Insert a wooden shoe tree into your leather dress shoe, boot, or sneaker. Wooden shoe trees help to reshape and uncrease your footwear during the leather deep cleaning and restoration process. 

Products we recommend for this step 

- Moneysworth & Best Cedar Shoe Tree 



Dry brush off any top-layer dirt & dust with a premium soft bristle brush. This is going to prepare our leather surface for a deep clean with water. 

Products we recommend for this step 

- Jason Markk Premium Brush  

- Reshoevn8r 3 Brush Pack 



Use a high quality shoe cleaning solution and a premium soft bristle brush to give the leather a light shampoo. We don't want to use any stiff bristle brushes on the leather as this can potentially damage the material. The soft-bristle premium brush will exfoliate the leather and create foam. 

Products we recommend for this step

- Saphir Universal Shampoo Cleaner 

- Jason Markk 8oz. Premium Shoe Cleaner 



Use a microfiber towel to wipe down the cleaned and foamy areas of leather to dry material. This step is crucial in avoiding any excessive water damage to your leather. Make sure to cover the entire dress shoe or boot and wipe down with light pressure. 

Products we recommend for this step

- Reshoevn8r Cleaning Mat



Once your leather has had time to full air dry, we want to now prepare the leather for restoration and polish. We first want to hand apply on a renovator cream. This helps to hydrate and nourish the leather to prepare the skin to absorb the polish and wax. This will be done using a polish cloth with light circular motions, with your preferably your index finger. 

Products we recommend for this step 

- Saphir Rectangle Cotton Polish Cloth 

- Saphir Renovator Neutral Cream



Allow the Renovator cream to air dry for 5 minutes after applying. Now take a horse hair polish brush and lightly brush in the rest of the renovator for an even finish.  

Products we recommend for this step 

- Saphir Horsehair Shine Brush 18cm 



Now, our leather canvas is prepared for our dyed shoe cream application process & polish. Select from our Saphir shoe creams to get the best match of your original leather colour. The cream is highly concentrated in pigmentation. Please use the same process in step 5 and apply multiple layers until desired colour outcome. We recommend 2 coats of the cream for first time restoration. The cream contains almond oils which help nourish and polish your leather shoes. 

Products we recommend for this step 

- Saphir Leather Restoration Creams 



This is a repeat of step 7. Allow 5 minutes for the cream to air dry. Then use the horsehair brush in step 7 to give the leather shoe or boot a dry brush to polish and evenly blend in your colour. 


STEP 10 

Congratulations, You are now an expert leather care shoe & boot restorer!