How to Paint Custom Air Force 1's with Angelus Acrylic Leather Paints & Finishers | SOLE

If you are excited to start your first custom Air Force 1 project, take some time to read this quick & easy blog to make sure your project goes as smooth as possible. 


Step 1 - Custom Shoes Preparation 

Before we let our inner Van Gogh onto our custom shoes, we need to ensure the leather is prepared correctly. In this step we will be using Angelus leather prepper and deglazer & Sole all-purpose applicators. This first step removes the factory finish of the Nike shoe to ensure our new coats of paint adhere to the leather appropriately. The second step is optional (but highly recommended). If you don't have a perfectly steady hand, use Sole premium masking tape to mask off the soles of the Nike Air Force 1. This will ensure a stress-free paint job (take it from the experts). 


Step 2 - Nike Air Force 1 Custom Paint 

Before we get to the fun part, we require the right paint brushes for the job. If you are a beginner, we recommend the Angelus paint brush set. This set comes with the 5 most essential brushes for all styles and sizes. If you are looking for a more premium option check out our Princeton branded sneaker paint brushes. Now the fun begins! Grab your online inspiration and Angelus acrylic leather paints and start creating your Nike custom shoes. If you are looking for the perfect beginner kit, the Angelus Basics Kit includes the 5 brush set, 5 of the most essential colours to help with colour matching & mixing, and lastly a 1oz bottle of Angelus leather prepper and deglazer. 


Step 3 - Painting Sneaker Fabrics 

If you are looking to paint the back tab logo of the Air Force 1, we got you covered. This small area is made up of fabric compared to the rest of the sneaker which is made up of leather. You will need to mix your Angelus acrylic leather paint colour with Angelus 2-Soft. Mix at a 1:1 ratio to ensure the paint can adhere appropriately to the fabric. 


Step 4 - Custom Air Force 1 Finisher 

Now before you can admire your masterpiece custom Air Force 1's, there is one final step. We will by applying Angelus matte acrylic finisher onto the Air Force 1 to ensure the paint is protected. Apply the finisher in thin and even coats on all painted areas of your Nike custom Air Force 1. Congratulations, you are now an expert in painting Custom Air Force 1's, create today!