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SNEAKERGUARD Premium Midsole Ageing Stainer is specially formulated for you to have an easy way to achieve the aged and vintage look on your sneakers. When applied properly, you will be able to give your sneakers a makeover and give it a unique identity. As this is a dyeing tool, please use at your own discretion.




For this option, the pen can be used on around 1-2 pairs of sneakers


For this option, the pen can be used on around 3-5 pairs of sneakers



1. Shake gently before use  

2. Press tip gently and repeatedly to release dye.  

3. Ensure midsole is clean and dry 

4. Gently apply midsole stainer to the midsole. 

5.Ensure the nib is not too wet or too dry  

6. Dab with a wet tissue to adjust the intensity of the color/stain 

7. DO NOT overapply. Adjust instantly with wet tissue upon application

Note: As this pen has a removable tip, shake only with cap on. Do NOT shake vigorously. 

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