Don't have time to visit one of our locations? Well, now you can ship to us! 

The process is simple:

  1. Fill out a contact form. Please indicate what you wish to send, what service(s) you require, and any questions you might have regarding the shipping process.
  2. You will receive an invoice equal to what has been requested, plus a waiver to be signed. Both must be completed before continuing.
  3. Once completed, you may ship your item(s) to us. We ask that you do so within 48 hours.
  4. Once we have received your item(s) we will commence servicing them, where they will be returned to you* upon completion.

*All orders are subject to a return shipping fee.

 Our service menu can be found here.

I hereby acknowledge that items are cleaned at customers own risk. Sole Cleaning inc. (“going forward will be referred to as SOLE”) does not accept or assume in part or in full any liability. Release of Liability: SOLE adheres to all standards and policies. We inspect each item prior to processing it for cleaning and take photos for our records. While SOLE has possession of your property, they reserve the right to use it for the purposes of marketing and promotion. SOLE does not assume accountability for natural flaws, defects, or weaknesses in the materials which may result in but are not limited to tears, color loss, color bleeding, shrinkage, occurence of holes in the fabric, etc. The process of cleaning and laundering carries with it inherent risks, which we cannot guarantee against. Regardless of brand, condition prior to pickup or age of item, SOLE does not assume any liability nor is obligated to provide any remedies. Any items left for more than 30 days after being ready for pickup will be forfeited. If the shoe is picked up after 30 days at the discretion of SOLE, there will be a mandate $40 CAD late fee assigned and due upon pickup/delivery.



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