Princeton - Brush Set With Angle Shader 3/8", Flat Wash 3/4", Round 3/0, Round 1, Round 3, Round 5

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Set Contains: Angle Shader 3/8", Flat Wash 3/4", Round 3/0, Round 1, Round 3, Round 5

"At Sole we have spent a lot of time working out the best brand and collection that combines both value and quality. That is why we have decided to partner with Princeton Brushes to bring you the 3750 Series. We feel these brushes will give you the best results. We also carry a select 3950 series for those who want a more premium touch."
- Sole Team


Brush sizes vary by manufacturer and may be labeled based on the width of the hair, such as a ¼” angle or a general size, such as a #6 round. Using an appropriately sized brush head will save painting time and premature wear. Use of smaller size brushes, below size 4, are usually for detail work, medium sizes, 4 to 6, are for small areas, and large size brushes, above size 6, are for broad spaces

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