Highsnobiety Magazine Issue 18 - James Lavelle


Cover: James Lavelle
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Highsnobiety 18 is dedicated to everyone breaking the old systems and building anew. To a generation redefining the way we express ourselves, creating new markets and learning how to do better for the future. Not only from a fashion perspective. From all perspectives. 

As we hurtle through 2019, it’s becoming clear that “the culture” we cover has flattened. The lines between high and low are completely blurred. Streetwear is in the wardrobe’s of old money consumers while the masses are seemingly more luxury literate and fashion-obsessed than ever. It feels we’ve reached peak bubble up and maximum trickle-down, and you already know exactly what that looks like. Supreme x LV felt like the pinnacle. Then came Dior and KAWS, Polo and PALACE. Drip, drip, drop. What was unthinkable a decade ago is now reality.

How did we get here?

To answer this question we’re focusing on the theme of disruption. Exploring the origins of the “disruptive” culture that’s been smouldering for decades, is a feature on Mo’Wax Records founder and UNKLE member James Lavelle. While somewhat unknown to the newer generation, James was among the first to explicitly blend music, fashion and culture together into a tangible scene, arguably the groundwork for the global, collaborative, interdisciplinary culture we’re so immersed in today and that defines what we’re seeing, well, everywhere.

Further exploring the theme of disruption we’ll hone in on sustainability in fashion, both intentional and unintentional, highlighting those deconstructing and reconstructing, those creating new pieces from leftovers, as well as designers and brands who are side-stepping fast fashion to focus on the impact consumption has on our planet.

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