Saphir Pâte de Luxe Wax Neutral Shoe Polish

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Saphir Shoe Polish - Pate de Luxe - is formulated from carnauba wax, beeswax and six additional waxes selected for their conditioning and protective characteristics. Available in colors and neutral, this cream is packed with twice as much pigment as typical shoe and leather care products for thorough color restoration.

Unlike today's typical petroleum and alcohol-based polishes, Saphir has a foundation of pine-tree extracted turpentine, giving the cream a sharp, clean scent and ensuring the leather is cleaned and polished to a mirror shine naturally. Uniquely positioned among the best European shoe care companies in the world, French-made Saphir offers the savvy consumer a wide range of effective care products formulated from high-quality natural ingredients. Browse the range and buy the treatments you need from Valentino Garemi, the Canadian online leather care shop.

How to use:
Clean the leather to be polished, making sure to allow it to dry. Using a dauber or soft cloth, apply a small amount of the desired color of Saphir Deluxe Paste to the article. Work into all areas of the shoe, boot, or another item, covering all surfaces with a thin and even layer of polish. Allow to absorb for a few minutes and then buff with a clean soft cloth or shine brush to your preferred gloss.


Made in France.

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