Saphir Renovator Neutral Cream


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Designed to effectively restore and update high-quality products from all types of smooth leather (clothing, shoes, furniture, etc.), including finely dressed and finely colored types of leather (except unprotected leather such as Nappa, husky). The original formula with the content of natural beeswax and mink fat restores the skin from the inside, penetrating the very structure of the skin. It refreshes color, nourishes, gives water-repellent properties, refreshes color, cleans pores, nourishes, imparts water-repellent properties to the skin. The gentle cream does not salt skin, does not leave spots.

It is used on all smooth leathers (leather goods, leather goods, old leather-bound robots).

Brush the product to be processed. Apply the product to the product with a soft cloth or sponge in a small amount, grind, allow to dry and polish with a woolen cloth after application. For very sensitive and thin leathers, test on a hidden or inner part of the product.

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